Collection of used balls

Renewaball collects tennis and padel balls of every brand. We use it as raw material for new tennis and padel balls.

Together, we set sustainability and circularity as the norm in tennis. This is how you as a club help to make tennis more sustainable. Together we ensure that less and less balls end up in the incinerator and more and more balls are reused.

Recycling used tennis and padel balls costs money. Your club pays a one-time fee for placing the container, and a separate fee each time the container is emptied. We separate the contents and process all balls completely into new industrial raw materials. So that you can make tennis and padel balls out of it, among other things. The felt of brands other than Renewaball contains approx. 40% plastic fibre. We therefore do not use that for Renewaballs because they have a 100% biofelt. That felt is reused in the furniture industry, among other things.

The collected balls are 100% reused.

English container

How does it work?

The collection container is 62.5 cm high and has a diameter of 45 cm. It takes 100L, which is about 350 balls. It has a lid with a rubber-lined hole in the middle - so no sharp edges. The container comes with 6 bags of recycled plastic. When all six are full (then there are about 2100 balls in it), we will receive an email from you ( and we will let you know when we will pick up the bags. You will then receive 6 new bags from us, the container remains with your club.

In the future you simply order an 'emptying' as a service on our website. As soon as that order comes in, we ship the bags and contact you about an emptying date.

What does it cost?

The costs of placing and emptying a container differ per country. Send an email to and we will be happy to tell you what the installation and emptying of the container costs in your country.

How do I order the container?

If you agree with the costs of placement and emptying, we will gladly send you a placement agreement. Once we have received this completed and signed form from you, we will place the container.