How does it work?

Upon subscription, Renewaball places a collection container at your tennis or padel club, as well as in sports shops which serve as used balls collection points. We provide the club or shop with a container together with 6 special recycled plastic binliner bags (100L). Once the bags are filled up with balls, our collection team is sent to pick up the bags and deliver new empty bags. Together we ensure that fewer and fewer balls end up in the incinerator or in landfill and more and more balls are reused..

1-    Download the placement agreement and read it carefully 
2-    Send the signed placement agreement to:
3-    Wait for the approval

How much does it cost?

Prices are to be determined and will be published soon. We are currently working hard to bring a price estimation for the placement of collection containers, its emptying and the separation, processing and full recycling of the contents, for your country. 
Thank you for your patience and support.

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