At November 25, MTTC Iphitos, host and organiser of the annual BMW Open, has introduced Renewaball to its members by having a youth tournament played with Renewaball, and, one day earlier, having the first Renewaball Collection Container placed in Germany. 

Iphitos supports the concept of the circular tennis ball and will not only sell Renewaball from its shop, but also contributes to its recycling (and that of any other tennis ball brand) by actively promoting the collection of used balls. 

The Iphitos management has also presented the Renewaball circular concept to the board of the 10 Leading Tennis Clubs of Germany, in order to help initiate the wider use in Germany of the circular tennis ball. 

More news to follow on Renewaball's entering of the German market!

German container

The first Renewaball collection container in Germany

Source: Iphitos - Renewaball