Regular tennis and padel balls impact climate & environment. That's why we developed Renewaball®


of tennis and padel balls end up in
either landfill or incineration

With every hit a regular
tennis/padel ball spread lots of

micro plastic particles

in the air

Tennis and padel balls

hardly ever


Our solution

Collecting, shredding, separating used balls
Processing of rubber granulate & felt
Creating a new ball, with bio-felt cloth

5.5 million tennis balls

are used in the Netherlands every year alone

5.3 million tennis balls

in the Netherlands immediately end up, after use, as landfill or in incineration

3% first makes a detour

via a dog mouth or tow bar

18 million kilos of material

is used to produce

300 million tennis balls

annually, worldwide

Renewaball tennis balls are ITF certified

3 pressurized high-performance tennis balls, type 2, all court.
Organic felt,(wool, cotton), woven.
Packed in a recyclable pressurized package. € 12.25 incl vat excl cost of shipment

Renewaball padel balls are FIP and FEP certified

3 pressurized high-performance padel balls.
Organic felt (wool, cotton), woven (lasting way longer).
Packed in a recyclable pressurized package.
€ 11.25 incl vat excl cost of shipment