Frequently asked questions

Where does Renewaball get its raw materials from?
What's wrong with a 'regular' tennis ball? 
Who are Renewaball tennis and padel made for?
Are the Renewaball tennis and padel balls gas-pressurized?
How do they play?
Are the Renewaball Padel balls IPF approved?
Are the Renewaball Tennis balls ITF approved?
Where are the Renewaball tennis and padel balls made?
Where are the Renewaballs for sale?
Is there no plastic in a Renewaball at all?
Are the Renewaballs made from 100% used tennis balls?
Do the Renewaballs have disadvantages?
If tennis and padel balls are so bad for the environment, why has it taken so long to come up with a more sustainable option?
Are Renewaballs more expensive than the balls I normally play with?
Wouldn't it be better if every brand of tennis and/or padel balls supplied a circular ball?
Any questions left?
Is Renewaball B Corp certified?
What does it mean to be B Corp certified?