Up till now you could not separate the pure partitions of rubber and felt of the tennis ball. This was the main issue with recycling tennis balls. Renewaball has found a way to do so and thus opens the door to produce a tennis ball that uses used tennis balls as its base. That is the Renewaball.

The rubber in the Renewaball is partly-rubber from used tennis balls. That part will significantly increase in the years to come, as we collect more balls and can distinguish them better from each other. Through this process, we will better know which ingredients need to be added to make the perfect Renewaball. 100% recycled rubber will never be feasible for a tennis ball, a tennis ball will always need a bit of what's called 'virgin rubber'.

The Renewaball and all other tennis balls that we collect can be 100% recycled and we do. We are also able to make other products from the recycled material: for example, sports floors.

Renewaball is the world's first circular tennis ball. It is a type 2 ball, pressurized, in recyclable packaging. Not just that but it is a great ball, not yet ITF approved (application is in process) but produced within ITF requirements.